First post

Much as I waited most of my life to have my own little baby… I doubt I was even remotely prepared. Pregnancy happened out of the blue and the journey quite decent. Oh just the usual… the first trimester of queasiness, the second trimester of elated-ness and the final trimester of impatience and tired-ness. What made it more fun was having my chaddi-buddi cousin a couple of months ahead waddling beside me. Two whales splashing around in the little pool at the apollo fitness centre.

Wee Tip 1: Swimming is an amazing exercise during pregnancy. You can do it right up till the end (doc permitting). For me – a swim a day kept the nausea away!

Preparing to welcome a baby into your life is quite hectic. 1 – you might not know the sex of the baby – and you don’t want to shop too girly or too boy-y. 2 – you might want to spend time on yourself, this is the last time you can in such luxury. 3 – you might be wanting to work till the last moment to accumulate more leaves post delivery. Which ever it is… do not forget to enjoy the ride. For me it seemed like it would never end… but now i hardly remember it – just a minor bump on the long road.

Holding your baby in your hands… You know what that is!

Trying to buy and source stuff – making decisions on the clothes, diapers, cribs, strollers, food, toys, books, how to travel, what to take, customs and traditions, creams and soaps, what to do, what not to… well we have all be pouring over the different websites. We have been discovering our own mixed solutions… No 2 babies are similar. No 2 momies are either! So we will attempt to put together our fav sites and products, our own experiences and experiments, bring in friends to write about their experiences and just to know that we are all in this together and feel that ┬ácamaraderie of – hey that happened to me too!!!

Happy wee things!


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