Being cooped up at home with the baby for months on end – you would definitely want to go on a vacation. I figured that the best time was around 7m just when the baby is transitioning to solid food. This makes feeding the baby quite easy, in case the baby doesn’t feel like eating solids at least you are there! I got into the habit of feeding the baby anywhere – thanks to my nursing cover – pretty early on, and that saved us quite a few times on the trip.

We went on a week long trip to London/Ireland. In London we were at a friend’s place and in Ireland we hired a car and went hopping from one place to the other. It was chilly and rainy in Ireland. Our first day in Ireland we went to a Tesco and got some baby biscuits and baby jackets.

So here is the gear I carried on the trip:

  1. Stroller
  2. Car Seat – if you are planning road trips
  3. Baby Carrier
  4. Baby Wrap – most helpful on the flight if you don’t get a bassinet
  5. Portable potty seat
  6. Toys – not too many
  7. French Toast – to eat on flight (this was my fav on flight baby food – only so much mess the baby can make)
  8. Multiple layers for on the flight

We had travelled to and from Bangalore a few times by then, so RR was used to flights and I wasn’t worried about having to deal with a bawling baby. But on the return flight for close to half an hour he just went on crying and he finally tired himself to sleep. Apart from that, he was delightful on the trip. Well, I doubt he had much to complain, being carried/pushed around! Since he would still take long naps during the day at that age, we could happily roam around with the baby sleeping in the carrier or stroller. Also, we went with my parents and my brother – so we have enough people to keep an eye on him when we were packing or unpacking or getting him something to eat!

Food wise – it is best to be a Roman when in Rome! We thoroughly enjoyed introducing RR to all the local foods. Since it was summer fruits were a plenty! He loved all the berries, melons and avocados. We enjoyed filming his reactions to sour strawberries and lemons. We actually carried a small electric cooker along with rice and dal, but some how he didn’t eat that as much. Bananas and baby biscuits were emergency snacks. He even had his first taste of fish at London. Anywhere we went for food would have steamed veggies or mashed potatoes as sides – these sufficed for RR’s meals.

As with everything else about raising a baby – the fewer expectations you have the fewer frustrations you go through! So just pick a place, check the weather and go! It is sooooo worth it!



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