Domestic Air Travel


  • Feeding Cape
  • Baby Carrier or Baby Wrap
  • Food (>6m old)
  • Water in a sippy cup (>6m old)

Airline Allowances

Airline Baggage Allowance for the Baby Car seat at check in Stroller at Gate
Air Asia No No – extra weight Yes
Air India 7kg Yes Yes
Indigo 7kg Yes Yes
Jet Airways No
Spicejet 7kg Yes Yes

Indigo has a special counter for pregnant women and for people travelling with infants. I didn’t know about it till my first trip with Raviraj. Please do make use of that counter. AirAsia is quite unhelpful and inconsiderate that you are flying with a baby so I avoid that airline now.

Car Seats and Strollers

If you are travelling with both the stroller and the car seat, you can check in your car seat at the counter (please check that they mark it as fragile) and you are allowed to take the stroller till the gate where it is directly put into the baggage compartment as they do with any oversized cabin baggage. Please remember to ask for it as soon as you get off the flight – at the aerobridge or before getting on to the bus. Sometimes they send it in with the baggage – it can be taken at the belt (Blr) or collect it from the airline counter next to the belt where they get the fragile luggage separately (Hyd and Vskp) along with your car seat. For domestic travel or single transfer flights this works fine – no chance of loosing your stroller. But in multiple airline transfers (mostly in international flights) you will get your stroller only at the end destination. I lost my stroller on my return trip from Dublin. My suggestion – ask if they can check in the stroller too, else check if you can get it at the gate at your transits like you do in your domestic travel.

Security Check

Bangalore airport has a queue in between the men and women counters – vip/special assistance. The queue has both men and women frisking booths side by side and it is easier to have your husband fold the stroller and put it on the belt.

Baby on Board

I actually prefer carrying the baby in a baby wrap or carrier from check in counter to aircraft, rather than in a stroller. If travelling alone, it is better to have fewer things to handle, and no hassle of having to fold the stroller and put it on the security scan belt. If baby falls asleep on the flight it makes your life easy and leaves your hands free. Only problem is that spice jet (and some international airlines) give a baby seat belt that connects to your seat belt and insist that baby is made to sit facing forward buckled in.


Airports have feeding areas in the diaper changing rooms. I didn’t look this up till recently, and I always fed in a corner using the feeding cape. I think it is good to get used to feeding in public (albeit in a relatively quiet corner) ‘coz you might not know when and where baby would need some extra comfort. In a moving car, flight, airport – check check check!

Most airlines suggest that your feed baby at take off and landing to help them handle the ear pain due to changes in air pressure. But some international airlines ask you not to! If you are breastfeeding please try and wait till slightly before take off to feed the baby. When he was younger, Raviraj always fell asleep after the take off feed and often slept till we landed, and the first time till we reached home!

Cabin Baggage

Please take as little as you can. Carry some toys, napkins, bibs, extra clothes, diapers and a bedsheet. Earphones for yourself – if the baby does fall asleep! Once baby is on solids, pack a snack and a sippy cup with water. Also carry some more water in a bottle.

Snack on Board

Since Raviraj was on baby led weaning I carry finger food for him to snack on. It is messy eating in the confines of two rows of seats, so dry food is preferred.

  • French toast with the bread slices cut into long fingers
  • Biscuits – only as a back up as it can get messy
  • Vada
  • Pancakes
  • Boiled carrot sticks
  • Bananas
  • Oats nd fruit

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