Hospital checklist for Delivery

This is my first blog ever and I hope this helps all the new to-be moms out there.  I always thought during my pregnancy, “What to pack?”,”Will the hospital have this and that?”. So here is the list of things I packed for my delivery.  This is assuming you stay in the hospital for three days.

I recommend packing your bag at least 2 weeks ahead of your due date.  Also wash all new born clothes, blankets and towel with baby detergent before packing and putting them on your new born.

For the Baby

  1. 4-5 pairs of newborn clothes (preferably full sleeves)
  2. 4 Blankets (to be put under the baby and to cover/swaddle)
  3. 2 pairs – booties and mittens
  4. 4 Burp cloths
  5. New born diapers (hospital provided)
  6. Wipes (hospital provided)

For the Mom

  1. 3 front open gowns (makes it easy for feeding)
  2. One good pair of clothes that you will come back home in
  3. Towel
  4. Nursing bras (recommend you to buy them at the very end (2 weeks before due date), because your size will go up)
  5. Breast pads (I used cotton re-usable)
  6. Socks
  7. Slippers
  8. Hair ties
  9. Toiletries
  10. Sanitary pads (you get heavy duty ones in hospital – recommend using those)
  11. Camera and charger (make sure you have enough space as well to click pictures)
  12. Charger for your phone
  13. Hospital file



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